CIS with 16 illumination geometries

Tichawa Vision’s new VUCIS product family supports 16 illumination geometries and 10 illumination colors Tichawa Vision introduced a new product family the V(ARI) U(niversal) CIS (VUCIS) earlier this year. The VUCIS, which is available in lengths up to 1820mm, can be supplied with a choice of 16 different illumination geometries and 10 different illumination colors. The […]

CIS for Shape from Shading Applications

New CIS generation gets a new unique light option! Tichawa Vision has developed the world’s first Contact Image Sensor with integrated quad directional dark field illumination. The resulting images are specially designed for industrial image processing. Due to precise correlation of the four “shadow cast” images, an algorithmic evaluation à la Shape from Shading can […]