New design for RingCIS – Adjustable for different tube diameters

For the RingCIS with adjustable focus the design and construction is completed. From now on it is possible to use the same RingCIS for different tube diameters. For lines where different types of tubes are processed you can use your quality control with only one RingCIS. This requires only a simple adjustment of the head when […]

Reading Tyre Labels with ShapeFromShading CIS

With the ShapeFromShading CIS from Tichawa Vision, embossed lettering on dark materials can be easily scanned and evaluated, such as the lettering on a tyre shown here. The Shape-from-Shading technique dates back to the 70s. Tichawa Vision has integrated this technology into the CIS and thus created a unique product worldwide. As can also be seen […]

New view for the BoroCIS

Tube or pipe bottoms come into focus. The field of view for the BoroCIS has been significantly expanded. In addition to pipe or tube inner walls, the BoroCIS can also scan the bottom in parallel. This means that even more information can be obtained in a single immersion process. Now scratches, foreign bodies, coating gaps and […]

Upgrade on the Shape from Shading device

Shape from Shading extended for high speeds Our previous Shape from Shading CIS sensors were often limited in speed by the amount of light available. We have advanced the illumination control with a completely new approach so that we can provide up to four times the amount of light without compromising the LED lifetime. The Shape […]

Tichawa sensors vs. conventional CIS

What is the difference between Tichawa CIS technology and conventional CIS technology? Tichawa sensors have many new features. These include gapless sensor technology, longer working distance, inspection of round objects, vacuum capability, support for Shape From Shading technology,… and more. Gapless inspection: A long sensor line (up to 4m) requires many sensor chips to be lined […]

New light source for the CIS with shape-from-shading

No color effects by using white light The Contact Image Sensor with Shape-from-Shading illumination is now also available with white light.This eliminates the influence of color effects for the 3D exposition especially for colored objects. In addition, it is now possible to scan objects without a red component, e.g. green or blue ones.In the course […]

The new Borocis feature

BoroCIS now also with “look-through” option for inspecting also the tube shoulder or the bottom of the borehole Our worldwide unique BoroCIS enables optical scanning of the inner surface of tubes, pipes or boreholes from 10 mm diameter. This makes it possible for the first time to inspect 100% of the inner surfaces. The high […]

Take a look inside the tube!

Inline Solution for the Detection of paint defects, chips, bubbles, latex on the inside of a tube. In the EU, 16 billion tubes are produced every year. 90% of these are used in the pharmaceutical, personal care and food sectors, where high quality is essential. Customers tell us again and again that they have been […]