VUCIS Illumination Scheme

The Tichawa Vision VUCIS combines a built-in intelligent programmable ultra high speed Illumination Controller with a wide choice of illumination colors and geometries to get the best possible images for conventional or AI based Image Processing. The Illumination Controller is built around a phase sequencer and a Color Mix Table, both completely under user control. […]

CIS with higher operating distance

The new product family VUCIS gets optionally a higher working distance In the new scanner generation of Tichawa Vision, a larger working distance is now also realized with the proven Contact Image Sensor technology. Distances of 10 mm were common. With the new standard option of 23 mm – in special even up to 28 mm […]

CIS with 16 illumination geometries

Tichawa Vision’s new VUCIS product family supports 16 illumination geometries and 10 illumination colors Tichawa Vision introduced a new product family the V(ARI) U(niversal) CIS (VUCIS) earlier this year. The VUCIS, which is available in lengths up to 1820mm, can be supplied with a choice of 16 different illumination geometries and 10 different illumination colors. The […]