Patent certificate for BoroCIS

Protection for BoroCIS against imitations We are pleased to announce that after a long wait, the patent for our innovative BoroCIS has finally been approved by the Munich Patent Office. This ground-breaking technology, in combination with our patented RingCIS, enables our customers to carry out a comprehensive internal and external inspection of pipes, tubes and […]

New view for the BoroCIS

Tube or pipe bottoms come into focus. The field of view for the BoroCIS has been significantly expanded. In addition to pipe or tube inner walls, the BoroCIS can also scan the bottom in parallel. This means that even more information can be obtained in a single immersion process. Now scratches, foreign bodies, coating gaps and […]

The new Borocis feature

BoroCIS now also with “look-through” option for inspecting also the tube shoulder or the bottom of the borehole Our worldwide unique BoroCIS enables optical scanning of the inner surface of tubes, pipes or boreholes from 10 mm diameter. This makes it possible for the first time to inspect 100% of the inner surfaces. The high […]

Take a look inside the tube!

Inline Solution for the Detection of paint defects, chips, bubbles, latex on the inside of a tube. In the EU, 16 billion tubes are produced every year. 90% of these are used in the pharmaceutical, personal care and food sectors, where high quality is essential. Customers tell us again and again that they have been […]

BoroCIS a World innovation

A CIS for Inner-inspection of tubes, pipes and other open cylinder shapes BoroCIS – a newcomer among our sensors – part of the Profile Scan family. It enables image capture and thus machine quality control and the detection of errors on the inside of tubes, pipes or bores up to a depth of 250 mm. Due […]