Take a look inside the tube!

Inline Solution for the Detection of paint defects, chips, bubbles, latex on the inside of a tube.

In the EU, 16 billion tubes are produced every year. 90% of these are used in the pharmaceutical, personal care and food sectors, where high quality is essential. Customers tell us again and again that they have been searching for a solution for inline inspection for more than 15 years.

The BoroCIS, which won the 2021 Innovators Award, is the first inline solution for 100% high-speed scanning of the inside of tubes, pipes and drill holes.

The BoroCIS dips into the tube, scans the inner wall and “shoulders,” and delivers a clean, distortion-free image that can be analyzed by any standard image processing software. A UV option is also available for the detection of organic contaminants.

The BoroCIS is of interest to both tube manufacturers and companies that fill the tubes. Together with one of our partner companies we offer a ready to use solution for integration into your production line.

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