The new Borocis feature

BoroCIS now also with “look-through” option for inspecting also the tube shoulder or the bottom of the borehole

Our worldwide unique BoroCIS enables optical scanning of the inner surface of tubes, pipes or boreholes from 10 mm diameter. This makes it possible for the first time to inspect 100% of the inner surfaces. The high scanning speed of up to 1m/sec (60 m/min) allows the use directly in the production line.

With the new “look-through” option the BoroCIS not only detects the shell of the test specimen, but also the shoulders of the tube or the bottom of the bore. This allows complete monitoring of all surfaces in contact with the tube contents. When inspecting boreholes, the “look-through” option also detects the bottom of the borehole.

The “look-through” can also be operated as usual with visible light and UV in time-division multiplex to detect organic contamination such as grease residues from the press without any doubt. The “look-through” option developed by Tichawa Vision as an extension to our BoroCIS is patent pending.

All in all, the BoroCIS is now a universal scanner for internal surfaces that enables rapid, cost-effective inspection directly on the production line. Main applications are tubes, cans, aerosol cans, vials, battery containers, gas bottles, medical products, pipes, fittings and holes in workpieces made of a wide variety of materials.

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