Inspection of Battery Films

Inspection of the lithium surface by VacuumCIS possible! Battery films are extremely thin, flexible and conductive materials used in batteries to maintain the various layers of insulation and electrical contact between the components. They typically consist of several layers, including a conductive layer, a separator layer and a protective layer. Defects in battery films can […]

Reading Tyre Labels with ShapeFromShading CIS

With the ShapeFromShading CIS from Tichawa Vision, embossed lettering on dark materials can be easily scanned and evaluated, such as the lettering on a tyre shown here. The Shape-from-Shading technique dates back to the 70s. Tichawa Vision has integrated this technology into the CIS and thus created a unique product worldwide. As can also be seen […]

Upgrade on the Shape from Shading device

Shape from Shading extended for high speeds Our previous Shape from Shading CIS sensors were often limited in speed by the amount of light available. We have advanced the illumination control with a completely new approach so that we can provide up to four times the amount of light without compromising the LED lifetime. The Shape […]

New light source for the CIS with shape-from-shading

No color effects by using white light The Contact Image Sensor with Shape-from-Shading illumination is now also available with white light.This eliminates the influence of color effects for the 3D exposition especially for colored objects. In addition, it is now possible to scan objects without a red component, e.g. green or blue ones.In the course […]

VisionSystemsDesign announced the winners of the InnovatorsAwards2022 this week

TichawaVision was awarded 2 times this year. The Shape from Shading CIS is a complete compact system generating shape from shading images to get both a 3D representation and a surface print image from surfaces showing both print and 3D structures or defects. Applications include amongst cork, decorative print, and pharmaceutical packaging. The BergKristall Sensor […]

CIS for coin printing and minting

Further field of application of the CIS with Shape-from-Shading The Contact Image Sensor with Shape-from-Shading illumination also delivers excellent results with coins. As an example, a 2-euro coin is evaluated in the illustration. The highs and lows can be seen clearly and with pin-sharp definition. Since even the smallest scratches are reproduced, you can detect damages […]

Market acceptance for Shape from Shading

Product testing with image processing We are extremely happy about the excellent response for our Shape-from Shading products. Our Shape-from-Shading CIS combines all components for Shape-from-Shading images – 4 directional light sources, illumination controller, driver and CIS sensor in one housing and thus provides complete sets of 4 raw images for further processing via software (Halcon […]

CIS for Shape from Shading Applications

New CIS generation gets a new unique light option! Tichawa Vision has developed the world’s first Contact Image Sensor with integrated quad directional dark field illumination. The resulting images are specially designed for industrial image processing. Due to precise correlation of the four “shadow cast” images, an algorithmic evaluation à la Shape from Shading can […]