Reading Tyre Labels with ShapeFromShading CIS

With the ShapeFromShading CIS from Tichawa Vision, embossed lettering on dark materials can be easily scanned and evaluated, such as the lettering on a tyre shown here.

The Shape-from-Shading technique dates back to the 70s. Tichawa Vision has integrated this technology into the CIS and thus created a unique product worldwide. As can also be seen in the picture, this technique makes it possible to see characters embossed in the tyre very clearly, which would not be possible with a conventional camera because the background and the characters have the same color. The way it works is very simple: An object is illuminated from four different directions. The four resulting images are processed with a special algorithm. The result is an image, which allows the elevations and depressions of the object to be perfectly displayed and evaluated. (See image above)
This technology can only be realised with conventional cameras in a very complex way with several light sources, optics and camera that have to be adjusted to each other. With the Contact Image Sensor solution, the user has a complete Shape-from-Shading system in a slim housing of 100x100mm including illumination, optics and camera in one piece, so that only one power supply is required. The ShapefromShading CIS are available up to 4m scan width.

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