New product key for various illuminations

Change of product key from VTCIS to VUCIS

Tichawa Vision is changing the type code for the latest Contact Image Sensor generation. Due to many new innovative developments in the field of lighting and optics, this is the ideal time to make the key a little more intuitive. The key changes from VTCIS to VUCIS in several parts. In addition to familiar features, the customer-oriented configuration options now also find their place in the key. In comparison, the new key offers more helpful information.

This can be clearly seen when comparing the keys by content.

For example, the lights are now also placed in the product key depending on their position in the CIS. The color code is indicated by a letter. WWSWW, for example, stands for white shape-from-shading illumuination. The 4 Ws represent the 4 illumination orientations.

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