VUCIS Illumination Scheme

The Tichawa Vision VUCIS combines a built-in intelligent programmable ultra high speed Illumination Controller with a wide choice of illumination colors and geometries to get the best possible images for conventional or AI based Image Processing.

The Illumination Controller is built around a phase sequencer and a Color Mix Table, both completely under user control.

The sequencer defines the number and type of illumination and readout cycles per line while the Color Mix Table allows the user to mix color and geometries, e. g. one cycle with 50% frontside and 50% backside illumination to suppress water marks and another cycle with 100% backlight to highlight the water marks.

Combined with the 25+ Illumination Geometries offered by Tichawa Vision – single and double sided bright & dark field, coaxial, cloudy day, shape from shading, fluorescent, just to name a few – plus possible combinations can solve practically any imaging requirement found in the field.

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